2006 E-mail Asks For Katinas Removal

Author: Theodore Kalmoukos
Date Published: 09/20/2008
Publication: The National Herald

BOSTON–The assistant priest of the Holy Trinity parish in Dallas, Texas, Rev. Gregory Hohnholt, who served two years under the former presiding priest of the parish Nicholas Katinas from 2004 to 2006, sent an e-mail in the summer of 2006 to the assistant chancellor of the Archdiocese Rev. Michael Kontogeorge that was obtained by The National Herald, asking why the decision to remove Fr. Katinas was being delayed.

Rev. Hohnholt, who was transferred just a year ago to the Holy Trinity parish in Nashville, Tennessee, did not respond to The National Herald’s telephone calls.
The e-mail correspondence between Fr. Hohnholt and Fr. Kontogeroge took place on Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 11:25 a.m.
According to documents which have come to the Herald’s attention, Fr. Kontogeroge had traveled to Dallas, Texas on April 6, 2006, where he met with then priest Nicholas Katinas and told him about the allegations against him for pederasty. Fr. Kontogeorge also informed assistant priest Gregory Hohnholt about the pedophilia allegations made against Katinas. Fr. Kontogeorge told Fr. Hohnholt not to say anything to anyone, and assured him that Katinas will be soon leave the parish.
When weeks and months had passed and nothing was done from the Archdiocese, Fr. Hohnholt’s patience was exhausted and he sent an e-mail Rev. Kontogeorge in which among other things he stated, “I know you said you were waiting until Pentecost and surgery passed. Both have passed fine.”
In another part of the e-mail, he wrote to Kontogeorge that “it is hard to see his face, to hear his perverted world view, his reluctance to hold people with sexual deviations accountable because he obviously couldn’t do it himself. It is difficult to hear him dismiss homosexuality, knowing that he basically is one.”
Fr. Hohnholt even expressed concern about his own children stating in his e-mail to the Archdiocesan official that “I don’t want him to look at my sons, much less talk to them. When he wants to give them food, I want to throw up. I won’t let him.”
In another paragraph of his e-mail, Fr. Hohnholt wrote that “when he (Katinas) talks about the Academy and the need for an Orthodox School, I can only think how he just wants the kids around. I believe less and less in the idea of a pedophile being rehabilitated. When people go on and on, praising him, venerating his priesthood and commenting on what a good family man and role model he is, I want to lose it.”
Fr. Hohnholt was agonizing about the turn of the events and he was trying to find out when Katinas would be dismissed from his position as a priest at the Holy Trinity parish.
In his e-mail he asked the assistant chancellor, “just curious what your timeline is? I notice you only speak to me in vague terms…and I’m sure there’s plenty of politics involved. Again, I’m just sweating out the wait. Hope you can throw me a line.”
The jury trial of Mr. Katinas is scheduled to begin in Texas on Monday, September 22.
The Archdiocese has filed a petition to dismiss the suit based on the statute of limitations.
Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver, as well as the Chancellor of the Archdiocese, Bishop Savas of Troas and other Archdiocesan officials have already given their depositions. This case is about five alleged victims of sexual abuse by Katinas while serving in Dallas, Texas.
Another lawsuit was filed by an alleged victim in Chicago who claimed to be sexually molested by Katinas when he was serving at the Olympia Fields parish between the years 1969 and 1978.