A Brief Note From OCANews.org

Author: Mark Stokoe
Date Published: 01/25/2010

Dear Friends:

After a brief, but unavoidable hiatus, with this posting OCANews.org completes its fourth year of publication, and enters its fifth.

One year ago I wrote the following:

“(In 2008) we began the year by noting that there was light visible at the end of the long tunnel of scandal through which the OCA has been passing. This year, with the uprising in Alaska and the forced resignation of Bishop Nikolai, the publication of the SIC Report and the forced resignation of Metropolitan Herman, as well as the continuing restitution of diverted funds, we are clearly much closer to that light than ever before…

After so long in the dark, the growing light may indeed seem bright – but hope is not the same as fact, and desire is not the same as reality. We are still in the tunnel of scandal, friends, even if we are on the path towards the light.