A Call for Documents!!

Pokrov needs your help

We frequently hear from people that there has been an alleged abuser that they feel should be added to Pokrov, but they do not include the documentation on the case. Often we get cryptic messages leading us on what feels like a scavenger hunt.  We receive reports on abusers, but with the limited information that people share with us, finding back-up information is costly and like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

We would like to accommodate all the reports we have received. However, we can not do it without your help. The kinds of information we need to successfully add a crime or abuser to Pokrov are as follows:

court records
county of the crime
names found on birth certificates
newspaper articles
letters and correspondence
church bulletins
church year books
video and audio

We deal with cases that are not only nation-wide, but international. For us to track down documents from around the country and world is not only costly, but extremely time-consuming.  Since we are located in California, for us to obtain documents from a local courthouse in New York, for instance, would be extremely difficult. It would involve either flying across the United States or hiring a Private Investigator at great expense. If you, our readers, could go down to your local library or courthouse and copy documents for us, it is one of the best ways you can help us.

Perhaps people fear retaliation or repercussions for sharing information. Because  some of our readers fear being exposed as an informant, we are extending a permanent amnesty to any one willing to share information. We don’t want to know where the documents came from, how you got them, or who you are. Put our address as the return address, and we will shred the envelopes upon receipt.

We do not check our Post Office Box daily, so if you let us know something is coming, it is more likely to be picked up promptly.

Please mail to:

Cappy Larson
Post Office Box 170654
San Francisco, CA 94117