A Wake Up Call From Katinas

Author: Paul Mattis
Date Published: 11/21/2008
Publication: The National Herald

The psychological disease of Father Nicholas Katinas, pedophilia, resulted in the sexual abuse of at least 5 children, if not more, during his ministry. Last week, the Greek Archdiocese of America reached an agreement to settle the claims against Katinas’ predatory abuses. Katinas has already been defrocked and is believed to be living somewhere in Greece.

In a press release the Archdioceses acknowledged that “Katinas’ actions involve a most grave and tragic kind of misconduct, the abuse of children, and deeply regrets any harm that may have been caused to the people affected by Katinas’ actions. We continue to pray for the healing of the five plaintiffs and to all others involved in this painful matter.”

“Misconduct… Regrets any harm