Addicts in for rough time at “spiritual rehab”

Date Published: 05/21/2009
Publication: B92
Still from Vreme video
Still from Vreme video

BELGRADE — At the Spiritual-Rehabilitation Center Crna Reka, led by Archpriest Branislav Peranovic, addicts face beatings, weekly Vreme says.

Other than the fact that they are often assaulted with shovels, the question is whether the medicine, psychiatry or law have any purpose when the medicine dosages are determined by Peranovic, “who studied agriculture”, the article continues.

At the same time, “nurses are authorized beaters”, while pit bull terriers and Dobermans guard the facilities.

The center is located near Novi Pazar in the south-west of the country and has been registered since 2005.

A man who went through “rehabilitation” there told the weekly that his parents took him to the center.

“Along with pleasant conversation”, he said, the center’s representatives offered his parents a contract stating that all forms of treatment can be used on the addict, including light, “and somewhat more severe” beating.

The contract covered six months of rehabilitation for the price of EUR 350 per month, he revealed.

“In the yard, they gather the addicts in a circle to watch the