An Unfolding Process: Interview with Father Vasile Susan

Author: George Chindris
Date Published: 06/11/2010

Father Vasile Susan was interviewed by George Chindris earlier this year and the results were published in the Romanian language magazine, “Curentul International” on May 28, 2010. A translation of this article, which was supplied by Susan, is linked above. For those who are able to read Romanian, the original interview may be found here. Comments in Romanian on the piece may be submitted.

Susan was terminated from his position at St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Chicago, Illinois, in 2004. Archbishop Nathaniel Popp also had the priest removed from the Romanian Episcopate and transferred to the omophorion of the metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). Susan was never given a reason for Popp’s actions. Although he remains a priest in good standing, Susan has been without church employment ever since. According to Susan, the OCA bishops have ignored Susan’s appeals for a hearing on this matter for 6 years.