Archimandrite Alexis Rosentool’s Suspension Remains in Force

Author: Melanie Jula Sakoda
Date Published: 12/27/2019

Archimandrite Alexis Rosentool of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) was suspended from the priesthood and removed as abbot of Holy Transfiguration Men’s Monastery in October of 2019. The archimandrite was suspended because he was under investigation by his diocese. A copy of the ROCOR’s Statement on the suspension is linked above.

In the following two months, the Ecclesiastical Court received letters in support of the Archimandrite Rosentool, as well as new letters of complaint. In addition, a police investigation into the situation was opened.

Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral affirmed that the suspension was to remain in force during the investigation in December, 2019. The metropolitan also affirmed that members of the Ecclesiastical Court were to cooperate with law enforcement. A copy of this statement is also linked above, the English version following the Russian version.

Neither statement indicated why Archimandrite Rosentool was being investigated.