Author: Elaine Jaharis

Open Letter to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Archbishop Demetrios, the Synod of Bishops and the Archdiocesan Council – Consultation Committee; The selection of the next Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Chicago will shape the future of the entire Greek Orthodox Church in America – for better, or for worse. There is no middle ground. There are […]

Author: Stephen Cherpelis

To the Editor, I read again and again the open letter that Elaine Jaharis wrote to “All” and published in the National Herald on July 1. And I read it many times because this is not just a “letter.” This is a homily, this is a sermon, this is a wake-up κήρυγμα that should be […]

Author: Staff

Tkachenko is banned from the priesthood for the time of the trial. The Supreme Court of Yakutia arrested the ex-director of St. Innocent’s Orthodox Gymnasium, cleric hieromonk Meletius (Andrey Tkachenko), on charges of pedophilia, the press service of the Yakutsk City Court reported to the agency Interfax-Far East. “The Supreme Court of Yakutia considered the […]

Author: Daniel P. Dalton

A  copy of a letter dated July 1, 2017, from Bishop Irineu Duvlea’s attorney is linked above. The letter was posted on the Holy Ascension Monastery’s Facebook page.

Author: Archbishop Nathaniel Popp

June 30, 2017 Synaxis of the Twelve Apostles; Holy Hierarch Ghelasius of Ramet Reverend Fathers, With sadness, I inform you that on the afternoon of June 28, 2017, Rev. Archdeacon Sebastian Dumitrascu and Mrs. Stefana Romanov, at the request of Monk Irineu Duvlea, delivered to the Chancery Office of the Episcopate, the Holy Antimension which […]

Author: Archbishop Nathaniel Popp

June 29, 2017 Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Reverend Fathers and Beloved Faithful of our God-protected Episcopate: With profound sadness, I share with you the news received from the Chancery of the Orthodox Church in America on the morning of June 28, 2017, in regard to the status of our former Vicar Bishop Irineu Duvlea. […]

Author: Staff

A Synodal Court was held during the recent OCA Holy Synod annual retreat, which canonically deposed Bp. Irineu (Duvlea), Auxiliary Bishop of the OCA’s Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, returning him to the rank of lay monk, reports the press service of the Orthodox Church in America. It was announced in September 2015 that former […]

Author: Staff

Representatives of the Holy Ascension Monastery in Detroit, where former auxiliary bishop of the Romanian Episcopate of the Orthodox Church in America Monk Irineu (Duvlea) served as abbot, has returned its antimension to the diocesan offices and asked to be released from the jurisdiction of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America. As previously reported, Monk […]

Author: Staff

In recent months, two parishes of the Eastern PA Diocese of the Orthodox Church in America have independently abandoned the Orthodox Church, uniting themselves to unrecognized, schismatic bodies. The site of the Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern PA has published two letters of Abp. Mark (Maymon) in which he addresses the canonical status of St. […]