Author: Presbyter Christopher Xanthos

Dear Editor and Staff of The National Herald, A most unjust and heinous persecution has been unleashed by the principalities and rulers of the darkness of this age against a most righteous, humble and honorable priest. In Proverbs we read, “The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor, but through wisdom the righteous will be […]

Author: Theodore Kalmoukos

BOSTON.- Abbess Foteini and Sister Theonymphi, nuns at the All Saints Monastery in Calverton, NY on Long Island had notified the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America verbally and also in writing that their spiritual father, Archimandrite Gerasimos Makris, had sexually abused them. They allege that they had been berated, threatened, and intimidated by Archdiocesan officials […]

Author: Khaleda Rahman

The two Greek Orthodox nuns began their social media campaign in October  It came as Rev. Gerasimos Makris returned to Holy Cross Church in Bay Ridge  Makris came back despite a ‘spiritual court’ recommending he be banned Two nuns have become #ChurchToo activists after their supervisor was allowed to return to his Brooklyn church despite […]

Author: Khristina Narizhnaya and Aaron Feis

The Greek Orthodox priest who was allowed to return to his flock despite admitting to “inappropriate” contact with two women casually waved off the charges as he left services at his Brooklyn church Sunday. “I’m happy I’m back in my church, and I never bothered them,” the Rev. Gerasimos Makris said outside his Holy Cross […]

Author: Melissa Klein

Two Long Island nuns have become defiant “#ChurchToo” activists, posting public messages to end abuse in “faith communities” at the same time their convent supervisor, a priest accused of sexual misconduct, was allowed to return to his Brooklyn church. The Greek Orthodox sisters, shown in their habits, began their Instagram and Facebook campaigns in October […]

Author: Tresa Baldas

They were dubbed the “Bored Group” —  nine online predators who targeted vulnerable teenage girls on the Internet, manipulating them into performing sex acts online and even convincing some to cut themselves while they watched. For five years, they pretended to be teenage boys. But on Wednesday, the grown men who lurked behind the computer screens came face to […]

Author: Staff

A Russian Orthodox priest, who sexually abused boys under the age of 14, has been sentenced to 17 years behind bars. While the priest was convicted of 46 rape counts, he was accused of molesting children nearly 90 times. The rogue hieromonk Meletiy, Andrey Tkachenko, has served as the director of an Orthodox gymnasium in […]

Author: TASS

An Orthodox priest in Far East Russia has reportedly been sentenced to 17 years in maximum-security prison for sexual violence against children. Hieromonk Meletyi, whose secular name is Andrei Tkachenko, was detained in the republic of Sakha in June 2017 on suspicion of committing acts of sexual violence against two minors. Later news reports cited […]

Author: Staff

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Author: Melanie Jula Sakoda

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