Better Late than Never? Or Too Little, Too Late?

Date Published: 03/31/2008
Publication: Orthodox Reform

Metropolitan Isaiah declared April to be “Child Abuse Awareness Month”, but is at the same time being sued for negligence in protecting children from sexual abuse. One commentary from Take Our Church Back! has this to say:

“This month our Metropolitan has issued a protocol which should be appearing in our next bulletin, that acknowledges the upcoming month of April as ‘Child Abuse Awareness Month.’ According to our Metropolitan, April is the month in which ‘all citizens are called to become more aware of the terrible tragedy of child abuse.’

During this month, March, however, yet another victim of Father Nicholas Katinas has joined the upcoming lawsuit wherein our concerned hierarch is also named as a defendant.”

The article goes on to point out:

“The true outrage, however, is that never ONCE has our Metropolitan – the one who is now ’embracing’ Child Abuse Awareness Month – expressed any sympathy for the victims. While Fr. Katinas was offered counseling (indicating that his superiors KNEW he had a problem), never ONCE were his victims offered paid counseling. Nor has our Metropolitan EVER expressed any remorse for his part, either as chancellor or hierarch, in failing to acknowledge that far too many (and ONE is too many!) of the church’s priests were, let’s be honest, pedophiles. He, along with others, simply moved them around, just as the Roman Catholic hierarchy did with their ‘problem priests’, further spreading the inevitability of more children being abused. This is why Metropolitan Isaiah, along with others, is named as a co-defendant in the upcoming trial of Fr. Katinas.

So are we now to say ‘bravo, better late than never?’

Or is the real answer, ‘sorry, your Eminence, but your concern is far too little and way too late.'”

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