Bishop Savas to Be Removed For Mishandling Sexual Misconduct Cases?

Author: Staff
Date Published: 03/23/2007
Publication: Orthodox Reform

Bishop Savas is the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese chancellor in charge of sexual misconduct cases. Although Fr. Michael Kontogiorgis handles much of the day-to-day operations of sexual misconduct cases, Bishop Savas is ultimately responsible. Will he be removed? The March 23 issue of The National Herald has this headline:


During the recent Synod, a heated argument arose with the Archdiocese Clergy Sexual Abuse Committee, chaired by Archdiocese Chancellor Bishop Savas of Troas, who was reportedly critical of the Synod to lay members of the Committee.

When members of the Synod suggested that the Synod must be more informed about, and more involved with, cases concerning clergy sex abuse, Savas is said to have reacted forcefully: “It can not be done because members of the Synod leak to the Press (the National Herald, ostensibly),” he said.

In front of the Archbishop, who was sat there speechlessly, Savas reportedly threatened to furnish evidence for his accusations. Certain hierarchs told Savas to go ahead and bring forth his evidence, while others were clearly disappointed with the Chancellor’s behavior.

Members of the Synod recommended that the Archbishop remove Savas from the Chancery and assign him to the Office of Inter-Christian & Inter-Orthodox Relations to replace Bishop Demetrios of Xanthos, who retired this past December and has relocated to Florida. The Archbishop said he has been considering that option for the past three months.

Savas did not reappear for the rest of the gathering (except for the luncheon), and did not disclose any documentation to substantiate his accusations against the Synod.

No word if Fr. Michael Kontogiorgis is also in the cross-hairs for being removed for his involvement in the disappointing ways recent sexual misconduct cases have been handled.