Blind eye to abuse

Author: Sue Themoleas-Pierce
Date Published: 09/25/2008

Editor – As a Greek Orthodox, I am appalled and extremely disappointed with the way Metropolitan Gerasimos handled the situation with the now defrocked priest, Michael Rymer (”Clerics knew of sex abuse, suit says,” Sept. 22).

The Metropolitan represents every Greek Orthodox Christian on the West Coast. Upon hearing, in the late 1990’s, that Rymer had HIV and concluding he was a homosexual, Gerasimos didn’t tell other church authorities his suspicions, testifying that Rymer ”was not a subject of my immediate interest.”

I want the bishop of my church to get an education of what his immediate interest should be. What could be more immediate than dealing directly and swiftly with serious issues in the clergy?

Orthodox Christians are taught from childhood to hold their bishop in high esteem. We have the right to know why he behaved in such a manner and why our church deliberately turned a blind eye.