Book Review: Don’t You Fall Now

Author: Melanie Jula Sakoda
Date Published: 07/11/2018

Don’t You Fall Now: A Memoir by Claudia Love Mair is a beautifully written story of grief and hope.

Claudia Love Mair’s ability to parent her child is clearly not hampered by her mental health problems. Her son was abused by a man who was his godfather, who held a position of authority as a Subdeacon in the Orthodox Church in America despite a prior conviction for child sexual abuse.

As an advocate for survivors of abuse in the Orthodox churches, I was appalled when Claudia was made to feel like she was up for the “worst mother in the world award” by the three men who investigated her complaint on behalf of the Church. But Claudia’s honest and heartfelt response made me pump my fist and cheer at her true strength and resilience.

“I wanted God in my life. I went to church. I asked the priest if Robert could be trusted to be a good Godfather. He seemed to be a righteous man. I believed the priest when he said he was.”

Mothering is not about our limitations, but our ability to stand up for our children when they can not. Five stars for a great book, and an even greater mother.