Cappy Larson calls OCA Guidelines a

Author: Cappy Larson
Date Published: 04/12/2002
Publication: Pokrov

Cappy Larson, co-founder of Pokrov responds after: OCA publishes further comments on Sexual Misconduct along with copy of its 1994 policy. Please check our other documents regarding the OCA Synodal statement on Sexual Misconduct.

As co-founder of Pokrov I would like to comment on the guidelines from the OCA regarding sexual misconduct in the church.

Did the Bishops have any professionals at the synodal meeting to assist with these guidelines? My guess is that they didn’t. When formulating guidelines it is important to include objective mental health professionals, medical professionals and survivors of abuse. These guidelines do not protect the church, especially in the current political climate. They offer no protection for the victims. And, quite frankly, would allow for further emotional abuse and cover up to occur.

No victim should be silenced, ever. Victims of abuse should never be strung along while a questionable investigation, such as the one described, proceeds. It’s called stonewalling! Further, ten years ago we were told by Fr. Robert Kondratick that the church was not equipped to do investigations at all. What has changed since then to qualify the church to take on this task? When the Children at Holy Trinity Cathedral were molested, parents wrote to the Metropolitan, several people on several different occasions, and we have yet to hear one word from the him. Has he now decided to start pastoring to victims of abuse? It’s a little late since he will be retiring in a couple months.

These guidelines are merely a smoke-screen to cover up what is really going on. Pokrov has heard from victims, we know that there are some serious and dangerous situations out there as I write this. Maybe the first step would be to deal with abusers and enablers who are functioning today as priests and bishops in the OCA.

Cappy Larson

Protection of the Theotokos