Author: Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein

The mistress of pastry-porn priest George Passias helped herself to $30,000 on her way out the door as the parish school principal in a sex scandal that’s rocked the Greek Orthodox church. Ethel Bouzalas, 45, admits grabbing the cash — tuition money paid by parents at St. Spyridon Parochial School — from a school safe […]

Author: International Cultic Studies Association

Pokrov.org Note: While this article’s focus is on groups within the Catholic Church, we thought some of the information could be applicable to similar groups operating in the Orthodox Churches. _________________________________________________ The Sectarian Spirit in the Mainstream Background of an ICSA conference track entitled, “Are there cultic aberrations in the Catholic Church?” The Roman Catholic […]

Author: Valerie Tarico

Groups that demand obedience and conformity produce fear, not love and growth. At age sixteen I began what would be a four year struggle with bulimia.  When the symptoms started, I turned in desperation to adults who knew more than I did about how to stop shameful behavior—my Bible study leader and a visiting youth […]

Author: Elias Hazou

THREE high-ranking clerics in Cyprus and Greece are being sued for deceiving and manipulating young men into becoming monks. The lawsuits, filed by parents of sons who became monks, have been filed against abbot Epifanios of Maheras Monastery, Limassol bishop Athanasios and chief monk Efraim of the Vatopedi Monastery in Greece. They stand accused of […]

Author: Alexia Saoulli

THE parents of a young monk at Machairas monastery are suing the government and Church for brainwashing their son. Apparently, the parents believe that their son, who is over 18, is being controlled by the monks at Machairas monastery and that he was as good as forced into the monkhood. Because of this, they are […]

Author: Anna Hassapi

CHALLENGING a Supreme Court decision that upheld the right of monks to have property and pass it on to relatives, the Machairas Monastery is taking its objections to the European Court of Human Rights. The decision is expected to determine whether the Church Charter, recognised by the Constitution, can override the Republic’s laws. The case […]

Author: Elias Hazou

IN WHAT could be a landmark case, the relatives of a dead monk have won the right to his inheritance, fending off a claim by the monastery he had served for more than 50 years. The deceased had joined Macheras Monastery in 1949, apparently pledging all his possessions – present and future – to it. […]

Author: Alexia Saoulli

THE PARENTS of a 35-year-old man have filed a €2 million lawsuit against the Church and government for failing to protect their son from becoming a monk. Frixos and Maria Theodoulou are claiming both state and Church are in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms which stipulates everyone has the […]

Author: Staff

Rescuers evacuated a group of Russian Orthodox Christian hermits from a remote Siberian forest after four years of seclusion, the local emergency situations ministry said on Wednesday. “On Tuesday, a helicopter of the emergency situations ministry evacuated six Orthodox (believers), five nuns and one priest,” a spokeswoman for the ministry in Russia’s Tuva region, Lidia […]

Author: Greta E. Larson

POKROV NOTE: This article was first presented at the Fall, 2000, Conference of Orthodox Christian Laity in Dallas, Texas ___________________________________________________ “Protected by your coming, O Mother of God, the faithful people solemnly celebrate today. Gazing upon your pure ikon, they humbly say: ‘Watch over us with your noble protection and deliver us from all evil […]