Church removes top official over sex cases; SNAP Responds

Author: Staff
Date Published: 07/17/2012

Yesterday the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) confirmed that its most recent head was just ousted largely because of his gross mishandling of clergy sex abuse and misconduct cases, particularly his actions in the case of an accused rapist priest.

We are grateful that the OCA’s Synod of Bishops took this positive step. But sadly, the church’s deeply rooted pattern of secrecy in sex cases continues.

The hierarchs properly kept the name of the victim confidential. But they are refusing to provide adequate information about the accused cleric. For the sake of public safety, the OCA should release his name and photo and name each parish where he worked.

We also urge the hierarchs to post on their website a list of all OCA clergy convicted, sanctioned, sued, or credibly accused of sexual abuse or misconduct, as some Roman Catholic dioceses have. Again, for the safety of vulnerable kids and the healing of suffering victims, SNAP believes parents, parishioners and the public need and deserve to know who these individuals are.