Civil Suit Brought By Father Vasile Susan Set for Trail

Author: Staff
Date Published: 01/23/2011
Father Vasile Susan
Father Vasile Susan

The civil suit brought by Father Vasile Susan against the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA) and Archbishop Nathanial Popp has been set for trial. The case will be heard by Judge Moshe Jacobius from December 5th through December 9th, 2011, in courtroom 2403. Sessions begin at 11 a.m., except for the one on December 9th, which begins at 9:30 a.m.

This information can be found online through the following process:

Step 1 Google “Cook County Circuit Court Case”

Step 2 Click on “Electronic Full Case Docket Search”

Step 3 Look for “DIVISION NAME” and select “Chancery”

Step 4 Look for “SEARCH BY CASE NUMBER” and fill in as follows:
Case year: 2005
Division Code: ch
Case number: 07360

Step 5 Click “SEARCH NOW” and open the page that pops up. Go to the bottom of that page for the most recent actions taken in the case.

Susan is a priest in good standing in the Orthodox Church in America. Until 2004, he served in the Romanian Episcopate. That year Susan was removed from his parish in Chicago by Popp, head of that diocese. He has never been assigned to another parish.

While Susan was never given a reason for his dismissal, he believes that he was removed from his parish when he spoke out about another OCA clergyman who was actively homosexual. When the Romanian Episcopate refused to apply its internal disciplinary provisions to Susan’s case, the priest filed suit in 2005.