Continued Calls for Bishop Savas Resignation

Author: Staff
Date Published: 03/30/2007
Publication: Orthodox Reform

Another call from The National Herald for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese chancellor, Bishop Savas of Troas, “who spoke contemptuously about other members of the Synod”, to be reprimanded and removed from his position.

Savas should have already received an official reprimand from the President of the Eparchial Synod, the Archbishop. It is not only about the problems Savas faces with parishes, but also that he has created serious problems within the Synod. The Patriarchate should probably also look into the Savas issue and instruct his boss to do something for the good of the Archdiocese. The synodal hierarchs’ recommendation to the Archbishop that Savas be relieved from his chancery duties and assigned to a secondary position with a salary is probably a good suggestion. The Archbishop said he has been considering the possibility for several months now, but he has not acted on it yet — just another typical case of indecisiveness until an issue completely deteriorates and becomes more detrimental to the life of the Church.

Bishop Savas is being chided for his handling of the Fr. Katinas charges, but this is not the first troubling sex abuse case to be mishandled under his watch. More on this topic in a previous report entitled Bishop Savas to Be Removed For Mishandling Sexual Misconduct Cases?.