Controversy in the Clergy

Author: Staff
Date Published: 05/10/2011

Orthodox Church of America Archbishop Kenneth William Storheim is accused of two sexual assaults on pre-teen boys in Winnipeg 25 years ago, and now police suspect there may be victims in Edmonton, where he moved in 1987. The case is just one of several, including the recent case of a Nova Scotia bishop pleading guilty to importing child pornography. Victims say a veil of secrecy still exists in religious institutions. Churches say they’re taking precautions. Why do sex crimes persist in the church? What is being done to prevent them, and are the efforts enough? Joining us for this discussion is Lorraine Turchansky, Communications Director for the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton; Sandy Jung, Forensic Psychologist from MacEwan University, and Simona Jellinek, a Lawyer who represents sexual abuse survivors.