Cop in black magic case ‘had fiery eyes’

Author: AAP
Date Published: 11/04/2011

THE son of black magic sex attacker Tony Golossian says a police detective came at him “with fire coming out of his eyes” and attacked him outside the court where his father was convicted.

Charlie Golossian has told a magistrate the detective called his mother a bitch and told her to “f–k off”, before a violent altercation outside a court room that left the officer with badly ripped clothes and a broken thumb.

Charlie, 28, his mother Emeline Golossian, 59, and brothers David, 31, and George Golossian, 37, have pleaded not guilty to charges arising from the scuffle at the NSW District Court in April.

Tony Golossian, and two other people had been convicted of charges arising from “prayer sessions”, in which two women were manipulated into having sex to rid themselves of black magic curses.

In the Downing Centre Local Court today, Charlie Golossian said Detective Senior Constable Jason Ferns had “stormed over” to him and his brother David and said, “You’re out of the building”.

Detective Ferns, who had been in charge of the police case, then “chested” Charlie Golossian as he waited for his father’s sentencing hearing to begin, he said.

“He was looking directly at me in an angry mode with fire coming out of his eyes type thing,” Charlie Golossian said.

He said when his mother put her hand between the men, Detective Ferns pushed it away and said “get off me, you f—-n’ bitch”.

Charlie Golossian said he then told Detective Ferns he had sent evidence that the officer was corrupt to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

“He fumed up, his throat flared out and he stormed towards where the courtroom was,” Charlie Golossian said.

“By then I’d already fumed up.”

“I said to him, ‘Mate, you’re f—-n’ corrupt. I’ve already sent (evidence) to ICAC.'”

Charlie Golossian said this prompted Detective Ferns to “fume up” again and push him violently.

“I’ve kicked out,” Charlie Golossian said, adding he was scared for his brother, David.

He said he grabbed Detective Ferns by the neck, because it was the only place he could get a grip, and laid him down on the floor.

He noticed his mother lying on the floor so he ran to her.

The next thing he saw was Detective Ferns coming towards him with a closed fist, the court heard.

“He racked me right in the face,” Charlie Golossian said.

The hearing continues in February before Magistrate Clare Farnan.