Dallas Parishioner Challenges Church Statements

Author: Stan Shinn
Date Published: 01/16/2009
Publication: Pokrov.org

POKROV.ORG NOTE: This letter also appeared in the January 24, 2009, edition of The National Herald.

“The lies conceal everything; the lies embrace everything, but not with any help from me. Live Not By Lies.” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote these words only hours before the Secret Police broke in and arrested him. He was subsequently exiled. A defender of the Orthodox Faith, Solzhenitsyn stood unwaveringly for truth. Following his example and heeding the demands of my Christian conscience, I cannot be silent in the face of recent statements by the GOA and Metropolitan Isaiah.

Our church officials are not telling the truth about the Nicholas Katinas lawsuit.

I am a parishioner at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Dallas Texas. I have talked personally to church officials, local witnesses, and victims both before and after the recent lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by (former) priest Nicholas Katinas. I am intimately aware of the details of this case.

A GOA press release (Oct. 30, “Archdiocese Settles Dallas Lawsuit” ) claims “The Archdiocese and Holy Trinity Church had no knowledge of Mr. Katinas’ wrongdoing prior to a complaint made to the Archdiocesan Chancellor’s Office in late 2005.”


A letter from Metropolitan Isaiah (Dec. 3, Protocol 08