The Defrocking of Fr. Timothy Blumentritt

Author: Staff
Date Published: 03/16/2007
Publication: Orthodox Reform

Fr. Timothy Blumentritt, accused of sexual abuse in a lawsuit recently filed against OCA’s St. Vladimir’s Seminary, was suspended and deposed in 2005.

The Nov/Dec. 2005 edition of “The Orthodox Church” (an OCA publication) lists him as suspended in June:


BLUMENTRITT, The Rev. Timothy, who was attached to Three Hierarchs Chapel, St. Vladimir’s Seminary, Crestwood, NY, is suspended from all priestly duties / June 28, 2005.

And four months later he was defrocked:


BLUMENTRITT, The Rev. Timothy, who was suspended, is now deposed from all sacred functions of the Holy Priesthood and his name is removed from the ranks of clergy of the Orthodox Church in America by the Holy Synod of Bishops / October 18, 2005.

Iliff claims to have been sexually abused in the course of the 2004-05 school year by Fr. Timothy Blumentritt, an Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at the Seminary. Eric is said to have reported the abuse to the officials in June, 2005.

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