Devil’s Monastery

Author: Staff
Date Published: 06/20/2005

In Tanacu nightmare images come one after another. The killer-priest helped by the nuns from “The Holy Trinity” beat the Vicar Episcope from the Episcopy of Husi who had come to suspend him. But neither the prosecutors nor the policemen managed to escape the rage of monk Daniel Petru Corogeanu.

“The Episcopy has decided we should suspend father Daniel as long as the inquiry lasts. They have grabbed the documents from our hands and we couldn’t get into the church”, said the Vicar Episcope. He went on: “Two nuns tried to stifle me and they beat me, after grabbing the Holy Antemir from me and tearing to pieces the order from His Holiness the Episcope.”

Forensics decided that nun Irina Cornici died of suffocation, after three days of terrible torture. Psychiatrists say she was a schizophrenic, but the Child Protection Department in Vaslui claims the opposite, despite evidence. Petru Corogeanu said serenely: “What I did was correct from the religious point of view. (…) I didn’t break her head, I didn’t break anything but the arms and feet.”

The Romanian Orthodox Church describes the happenings in Tanacu as “abominable” Father Stoica said: “This is the oscillating attitude of a monk who made use of barbarian practice thinking he could heal the nun. But such practice has got nothing to do with monastery tradition and spirituality.” The monastery is going to be closed down. Father Corogeanu is going to be denied main priestly attributions. Together with the four nuns who crucified Irina Cornici he will undergo psychiatry check.