Devil’s Show

Author: Staff
Date Published: 06/20/2005
Publication: Evenimentul Zilei

During a religious service in “The Holy Trinity”, the murderer priest from Tanacu set exorcisation to muffle the tragedy. Although the Episcopy had forbidden him to lead religious service, Daniel Corogeanu did it in the sect manner. At a certain moment the mother of one of the nuns who killed nun Irina had a fit and started crying out. But the murdered took “action” and “drove away” all devils from inside the woman in 45 minutes.

About 300 churchgoers raised hands, impressed with the “miracle” the murderer worked at once. But Corogeanu is a coward too: nuns Nicoleta Arcaleanu, Adina Ciopraga, Elena Otelea and Simona Bordanas took responsibility for the murder committed in “The Holy Trinity” Church. After the demonstrative service, the fake confessor announced he was forbidden to lead religious service from then on and that the monastery was going to be closed down.