Dobre sentenced to 2 years imprisonment

Date Published: 11/19/2008

Cabramatta Folkloric Dance Teacher Found Guilty

Rajko Dobre, a close friend of Rajko Ignjatic and Djuro Djurdjevic appeared in Central Criminal Court, for sentence. He was accused and had pleaded guilty to charges of importing child pornography into Australia almost a year ago, to the day. He arrived without the support of any friends, flanked only by his legal team of Vasic and Jankov.

Magistrate Bartley sentenced Dobre to 24 months full time imprisonment with a non parole period of 16 months. He was escorted from the courtroom to his new prison home by 2 police constables without saying a word or showing any sign of remorse for his crime.

Magistrate Bartley delivered his judgement, taking over an hour to emphasise the key circumstances of the case which included.