Don’t close the book yet

Date Published: 06/06/2009
Publication: The National Herald

Ever since the sex abuse scandal allegedly involving minors broke out, Nicholas Katinas, the disgraced and defrocked former priest, kept an eerie silence. He did not utter one world either in his defense, or to express any remorse to his many accusers.

Neither were his whereabouts known. At first, he apparently moved to Rhodes, the island from which he hails, and later to Florida. He was probably hiding because he was too scared to face his alleged victims, or too ashamed to be seen in public.

Whatever it was, we now may never know.

But even though Mr. Katinas passed away, one thing will definitely not go away: His name will be forever identified in the annals of our community’s history with the most despicable sex scandal against children whose parents entrusted them to him as their pastor.

He will also be identified as the person over whom the Church hierarchy displayed a serious, and still unexplained, lack of moral judgment, as well as administrative incompetence which resulted in the further disillusionment of
Church faithful and the blackening of the Archdiocese’s image across the country and overseas.

His reassignment to one parish