Elena Poliukhovych asked open case against Lutsenko

Date Published: 10/23/2009

(updated at 07:10 pm)
The children’s mother, who suffered from perversion in the International Children’s Center Artek Elena Poliukhovych, asked the General Prosecutor’s Office to institute criminal proceedings against Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko for breach of confidence about adoption of children. It is said in the statement of Poliukhovych, which was sent to the Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko.

“What kind of protection of children may be, even if at the ministerial level the law is being violated and the rights of children are infringed”, – is said in a statement, Ukrainian News reports. Poliukhovych doubts the Ministry of Internal Affairs will investigate objectively the case of children’s perversion.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine considers the statement of children’s mother as preconceived who has expressed distrust to the investigation of the case of children’s perversion.

It is said in the official commentary of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine: “Now the criminal case which was opened at the request of a citizen Poliukhovych is being investigated in accordance with the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Code, under the supervision of the General Prosecutor Office of Ukraine.

Police also said that “earlier Elena Poliukhovych expressed neither the investigators nor their authorities any claims about the objectivity of the investigation of this criminal case”, UNIAN reports.

02:16 p.m. The lawyer of father who is suspected of children’s perversion in the International Children’s Center Artek, Idan Aliyev claims that cellmates threatened the life of his client. “After mass media published information about it, cellmates threatened him, and he said that they could rape or kill him, and asked to prevent this,” – the lawyer said in an interview with Kievskie vedomosti.

Aliyev also said that law enforcement agents did not allow him questioning the defendant and he did not even know whether he was admitted to the materials of the criminal case as a lawyer. He believes it is because of the desire of law enforcement agencies to obtain from the suspect necessary evidence.

Aliyev said that the suspect does not admit his guilt, and said that he saw no evidence against his client, Ukrainian News reports.

06:28 p.m. The Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine lost the statement of the mother of two children, who were injured by pedophiles, MP Hryhory Omelchenko claims “Ask the Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko: how the mother’s statement to the Prosecutor General was missed?”, – MP said in a commentary for Obkom website.

The MP also said that he was interested in the reasons why the Prosecutor General did not want to take criminal case on child abuse in the production of the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine, “although in this situation, it is his direct duty in accordance with the law.”

The Prosecutor’s General Office has no claims on investigation of a case of children’s perversion in Artek, Glavred cited with reference to the deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka as saying.

06:53 p.m. The lawyer of mother Valery Konovalov said that he received threats from BYuT Serhiy Vlasenko. “Yesterday at 6 p.m. Vlasenko phoned me and threatened if I still go out on the air, then I will have problems,” – said Valery Konovalov.

According to him, Serhiy Vlasenko said Ruslan Bohdan is ready to give money, “to get out of the situation”, Ukrainskaya Pravda reports.

“Vlasenko did it to take Tsyhankov and withdraw out the case, and then tell Olena (Poliukhovych