Eliel still not confirmed as new head of the OCA’s Diocese of the South

Author: Melanie Jula Sakoda
Date Published: 11/10/2015
Publication: Pokrov.org

Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard sent a letter to the clergy, monastics and faithful of the Orthodox Church in America’s Diocese of the South (DOS) on October 30, 2015. The metropolitan updated the diocese on progress toward the election of Archimandrite Gerasim Eliel as the new bishop of the diocese. A complete copy of the letter is linked above.

In the letter the metropolitan said that the synod of bishops had reviewed the appointment of Eliel as head of the DOS at their fall meeting as they said that they would. While Mollard reported to the group that he found the archimandrite to be an effective administrator, the synod wanted more time to review material relating to other aspects of their assessment. Eliel remains under consideration for the appointment and as administrator of the diocese.