Ex-bishop of Nice guilty of paedophilia

Date Published: 04/05/2006
Publication: The Rive

Appeal court in Aix-en-Provence sentences him to two years

A former Orthodox Bishop of Nice has been found guilty of abusing a young boy and sentenced to two years in prison, according to local news reports. Paul Alderson, a 63-year-old British man, was in Nice from 1991 to 2000. He was also ordered to pay 6,000 euros to his victim who was 11-years old at the time.

Since the start of the investigation, the bishop has protested his innocence, claiming that while his actions may have been open to misinterpretation, he denies any wrongdoing. He is reported to have given the young boy a bath while he was staying with the victim’s grandmother in England in 1999, and then invited him to Nice for Easter. Last year, when the case came to trial the plaintiff was in prison in England and unable to testify. He is now out and when the case went to appeal in March, travelled to Aix-en-Provence to testify.