Father Vasile Susan Makes a Formal Request for an Answer to his Appeal

Date Published: 04/20/2010
Publication: Pokrov.org

On April 16, 2010, Father Vasile Susan sent a formal request to Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen for an answer to his March 12th appeal, to which he had never received a response. In the March, 2010, letter Susan had asked Paffhausen and the synod of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) for help in regularizing his status as an priest.

Susan was abruptly terminated from his position at St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Chicago, Illinois, in 2004. Archbishop Nathaniel Popp also had the priest removed from the Romanian Episcopate and transferred to the omophorion of the OCA metropolitan. Susan was never given a reason for Popp’s actions. Although he remains a priest in good standing, Susan has been without church employment since 2004.

The March 12th appeal was Susan’s second attempt to have Paffhausen and the synod address his complaints. He had also appealed to both on March 30th, 2009, but to no avail.

Susan’s formal request is timely, as the OCA synod of Bishops will meet in Colorado Springs, Colorado, from April 26th through 29th.

A copy of the April 16th letter is attached above.