February 10, 2011 Report of the SMPAC of the OCA

Author: Staff
Date Published: 08/10/2012
Publication: Pokrov.org

Yesterday Pokrov.org was sent a copy of the February 10, 2011, memorandum written by the Sexual Misconduct Policy Advisory Committee (SMPAC) of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). This report was addressed to the OCA’s Synod of Bishops. A copy of the SMPAC memorandum is linked above.

Updated September 1, 2012

The report addresses the SMPAC’s concerns with the response of Metropolitan Jonah Paffhausen to allegations of clergy sexual misconduct. The paper stresses that not all situations have been included, just those which serve as ”concrete examples” of the problem. The following cases are included in the report:

Archimandrite Isidore Brittain

Hieromonk Symeon Kharon

Archbishop Seraphim Storheim