Former seminary student charged with sexual abuse

Author: Wes Hanna
Date Published: 07/23/2004

The Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska is distancing itself from a former St. Herman’s Theological Seminary student charged last week in Unalaska with 11 felony counts of sexual abuse of a minor.

Terenty J. Dushkin, 22, was expelled from St. Herman’s in December for an unrelated matter, a spokesperson said Thursday.

“As we speak, he is not a theological student,” said Jim Gorski, an Anchorage attorney who has represented the diocese previously.

A statement from Bishop Nikolai on the matter said that Dushkin was expelled Dec. 23, 2003, “because he failed to follow certain rules imposed upon all students.”

The statement also said the expulsion had nothing to do with the criminal actions Dushkin is currently charged with.

“Until he was charged, the Seminary and Diocese had no knowledge of his alleged inappropriate conduct,” Bishop Nikolai’s statement said.

An Anchorage Daily News article published July 16 described the charges against Dushkin