GOA Metropolis of Denver, Protocol 08

Author: Metropolitan Isaiah Chronopoulos
Date Published: 12/03/2008

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver

December 3, 2008

Protocol 08-27

All Members of the
Holy Metropolis of Denver
Clergy, Monastics, and Laity

Beloved in the Lord,

Recently our Archdiocese sent out a news release regarding the lawsuit against the Archdiocese, stating that the matter of the former priest, Nicholas Katinas, had come to an end
with a confidential out of court decision.

As you may have noticed, neither the parish of Holy Trinity in Dallas, nor your Metropolis, were part of this decision. The reason for this is that there was no evidence of any cover-up by anyone in the parish or at the Metropolis. The initial accusations, therefore, against anyone in the parish or of my office were false. I personally wanted a trial by jury; but our superiors in New York decided that the matter had been protracted to the point that it was not helping our people, and therefore chose to close it with an out-of-court decision.

In the course of this sad affair which affected many people besides the accusers, not only the faithful members of the parish but concerned faithful Christians throughout the country, there obviously will be no expression of “I am sorry” for spreading false information by public and self-appointed media from the East coast to the West coast, and even individuals in Dallas who believe that God chose them as His avenging angels.

The fact remains that we are the Church of Christ in the world which seeks out sinners for repentance. This is the only purpose for which our Lord Jesus Christ came into the world.

I have no knowledge whatsoever of what the Archdiocese knows regarding Nicholas Katinas. But I do know that, as Christ was a friend of sinners, I can do no differently. I, too, must be a friend of sinners, whoever they may be. My prayer is that all faithful members of the Church, clergy and laity, would try to imitate our Lord. Whenever we can, we should guide sinners to repentance, so that they, also, will be led to a merciful and forgiving God, Who grants to all sinners eternal life in His coming Kingdom.

My prayers continue to be with Nicholas Katinas for his salvation.

With Paternal Blessings,

Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver


4550 East Alameda Avenue, Denver, CO 80246-1208