GOA Has Spent Millions on Sex Abuse Cases

Author: Staff
Date Published: 03/11/2007
Publication: Orthodox Reform

Another revealing article on the Katinas suspension. A few notable points:

Reports continue that the GOA blocked the news of Katinas’ suspension.

When he was told the Herald learned that, when he got the news, he issued a directive that Father Katinas’ name be published immediately under the Observer’s list of suspended clergy, but that it was not done, because Alice Keurian, the Archbishop’s head secretary, called the Observer’s office and blocked the publication process, and that he became very upset, Mr. Jaharis said, “I can’t comment on anything that pertains to the Katinas matter. You know it may well have legal complications.”

Would he confirm or deny the Herald’s information concerning Mrs. Keurian’s alleged interference, Mr. Jaharis said, “As I told you, our legal recommendation is we do not comment on matters that may involve potential liabilities.”

The GOA has paid at least $7 million in settlement and legal fees over sexual misconduct issues.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has paid at least $7 million, and probably more, in settlements, as well as for legal expenses for cases involving sexual abuse committed by clergy, according to Michael Jaharis, vice chairman of the Archdiocesan Council.

Another confirmation that the GOA is not insured for cases which happened some time in the past (presumably they have insurance for newer cases).

When asked whether the Archdiocese has insurance to cover cases of sexual misconduct against legal actions, Mr. Jaharis said, “As you know, with the problems that the Catholic Church has had, obtaining insurance is difficult, if not impossible (to obtain). We may have some insurance with respect to these matters – probably related to current matters, not to past situations – but I can’t comment on it right now.”

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