Greek abbot arrested on sex abuse charges

Author: The Associated Press
Date Published: 03/10/2009

ATHENS, Greece: Greek police say they have arrested a monastery’s abbot on suspicion of sexually abusing at least 21 underage novice monks over the past two decades.

A police statement says the 68-year-old man was arrested late Monday after four men aged 18-34 accused him of forcing them to engage in sexual acts with him.

The abuse allegedly took place between 1988 and 2007, when the men were novice monks at the Greek Orthodox monastery near Keratea, on the eastern outskirts of Athens.

Police say an investigation found that the suspect allegedly abused at least another 17 underage youths residing at the monastery.

Police said Tuesday the abbot abused the youths by taking advantage of his position. The abbot denied any wrongdoing.