Greta Larson and Pokrov question Fr. Robert Kondratick

Author: Greta Larson
Date Published: 05/23/2002

The following is a quote from an SF Weekly article called Unorthodox Behavior. It seems that the Very Reverend Robert Kondratick and the OCA does not seem to think that pedophilia is sexual misconduct. It also seems that, according to the quote, the OCA’s 1994 policy does not confront the issue of pedophilia. I wonder, as do the rest of us at what is the OCA’s policy on pedophile activity in its churches? Also, if pedophilia isn’t considered sexual misconduct, what would the OCA call it?

“The OCA is unaware of cases of sexual abuse in its own parishes, according to a spokesperson, the Rev. Robert Kondratick. However, the OCA did respond to the ongoing Catholic scandal in a press release last month by reaffirming its 1994 guidelines to clergy for sexual misconduct. Those guidelines recommend that complaints be made to church authorities, who after an internal investigation will decide if law enforcement should be contacted. Greta Larson calls that approach “seriously flawed” and insists that sexual abuse victims and their families should contact civil authorities. Kondratick agrees that the police should be contacted immediately in child abuse cases, as most states require by law. As for why the OCA guidelines don’t say this: “The 1994 guidelines were for sexual misconduct. They didn’t mention pedophilia.”
— from an article called “Unorthodox Behavior” by Mark Athitakis which appeared in the SF Weekly, May 22, 2002.