Pokrov.org is a website founded in 1999 by Cappy Larson, her daughter Greta Larson and Melanie Jula Sakoda. The three women had spoken up about the way an abuse case in their local parish, Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco, was mishandled by church officials, and their lives were forever changed by the resulting backlash. Melanie and and the Larsons realized how lucky they were to have had each other during this time, and they wanted to reach out to others who were going through similar experiences without support. The website’s mission is to support people who have been hurt in the Church, whether by its leaders or by its members.

SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, was always a valuable resource in Pokrov.org’s work. In 2008 Barbara Blaine, the founder of SNAP, invited the principals of Pokrov.org to a meeting in Chicago, along with people from other faith communities who were working in the area of clergy sexual misconduct. Cappy Larson attended the meeting on behalf of the Orthodox Christian website. Following this historic gathering, Pokrov.org was brought under the umbrella of SNAP.