ROCOR Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) is one of the Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States which originated in the Russian Orthodox Church. ROCOR reunited with the Moscow Patriarchate (MP) in 2007, and the MP is a member of SCOBA.

ROCOR’s policies and procedures on clergy sexual misconduct can be found here.

Below is a list of individuals in ROCOR who were convicted, sanctioned, sued, or publicly accused of sexual misconduct, or of injuring or attempting to injure another person. Please click on the individual entries for details.

Bracy, Father Kenneth Enoch

Christley, Father Pangratios

Fallon, Father Tikhon

Gitlis, Archimandrite Simeon

Greene, Father Benedict

Hitt, Father Jeremiah

Hughes, Abbot Vasili

James, Father Andrew L. J.

Lasky, Father Konon

Podmoshensky, Father Herman

Romanchak, Reader Matthew Stephan

Smyrni, Deacon Gregory