Russky Palomnik Orthodox Mission

Russky Palomnik Orthodox Mission, also called American Orthodox Mission to Russia, was an endeavor of Christ the Saviour Brotherhood. This project was begun during the period of time that the group was still affiliated with the Holy Orthodox Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis, led by Metropolitan Pangratios Vrionis.

Russky Palomnik (Russian Pilgrim) was originally a prerevolutionary Russian publication. According to literature put out by CSB, which is linked below, it was revived by that group in 1990. The periodical was originally published in Russian in the United States and distributed abroad. Later, in an effort to increase circulation, the group moved production to Russia itself. Archimandrite Jonah Paffhausen, who at the time was a layman in the Orthodox Church in America, participated in this endeavor.

Katherine (Kate) McCaffery, a former member of the Holy Order of MANS who stayed with the group after it joined Vasiloupolis, was the executive secretary of the project. The Orthodox Mission listed 1065 Sutter Street as its address in the United States. This is the address for Raphael House in San Francisco, a shelter for homeless families that was begun by the Holy Order of MANS.