VAS Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis

The Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis is the vagante jurisdiction founded by a defrocked priest from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Metropolitan Pangratios Vrionis.

Vasiloupolis is best known for accepting the people and parishes of the Holy Order of MANS in 1988.

Vasiloupolis has no known sexual misconduct policy.

Below is a list of individuals associated at some time with Vasiloupolis who were convicted, sanctioned, sued, or publicly accused of sexual misconduct, or of injuring or attempting to injure another person. Please click on the individual entries for details.

Allen, Samuel David
Convicted, Sued

Christley, Father Pangratios

Greene, Father Benedict
Convicted, Sanctioned, Sued

Givens, Bishop Mathias

Hughes, Father Vasili
Convicted, Sued

Irtel, Archbishop Theodore

Podmoshensky, Father Herman

Vrionis, Metropolitan Pangratios
Convicted, Sanctioned