Hierarchy to convene in emergency meeting: Christodoulos Calls for Crisis to Settle

Author: Athina Saloustrou
Date Published: 02/09/2005

According to information from NET 105.8, Archbishop Christodoulos is expected to propose to the Holy Synod on Monday that an emergency convocation of the Hierarchy be called for the end of February. This comes as the continuous revelations regarding finance and other scandals rock the Hierarchy and the good name of the Church. The leader of the Church of Greece is moving in that direction, as more and more people ask for the Church’s most senior leader to manage this serious crisis. In the meantime, Christodoulos met this morning with Metropolitan Bishop Ieronimos of Thiva as part of contacts with Metropolitan Bishops in order to find the means to settle the crisis. Following this, he will meet with Metropolitan Bishop Dorotheos of Nafpaktos as well as those of Elassona, Samos, Mantineia and Dimitriada. Circles at Fanari describe the image presented by the Church of Greece as very sad.

Cycle of Meetings Opens

Apart from this, reactions among the ranks of the Hierarchy and amongst the clergy have been triggered by the decision of the Holy Synod to ban statements by the clergy on mass Media without written permission. Metropolitan Bishop Chrisostomos of Zakynthos accused the Archbishop of trying to gag freedom of expression and of issuing certificates of good morals for drug traffickers.

“We warned both the Holy Synod and the Archbishop not to cover up the various incidents that arose. Now we are paying for the mess,” said the general secretary of the Holy Association of Greek Clergymen, Father Eftsathios Kollas on NET 105.8.

Metropolitan Bishop Ieronimos of Thiva was the first Metropolitan Bishop to have spoken after the revelation of Giosakis’ activities. Iakovos Giosakis was this morning taken to Korydallos Prison. Fr Ieronimos arrived at the Archbishop’s office this morning and their meeting has continued for over 1 and a half hours. The appointment was made last night, when the Archbishop telephoned Ieronimos and requested him to meet at his office.

Translated by Millie Williams