Investigation On The Accusations Against Theoklitos

Date Published: 02/08/2005


The Church of Greece Holy Synod decided in favor of the appointment of a special examiner to undertake the investigation on immorality accusations targeting Metropolite Theoklitos of Thessaliotida.

In its meeting today the Holy Synod examined the accusations made against him and the written explanations he submitted characterizing them as unfounded.

Also, the issue concerning the interventions made during the election of Patriarch Erineos of Jerusalem has surfaced again.

Meanwhile, Piraeus Prosecutor Grigoris Peponis proposed the detention of Archimandrite Iakovos Giosakis accused of being involved in an antiquities smuggling case in the island of Kythera.

Ruling party of New Democracy Euro-deputy Yiannis Varvitsiotis backed the Church and State separation.