Israeli-Arab Priest Active In Recruiting Christians To IDF Cleared Of Sexual Abuse Charges

Author: Yona Schnitzer
Date Published: 10/07/2018
Gabriel Naddaf
Gabriel Naddaf

The Haifa district prosecutor’s office has closed the case against Father Gabriel Naddaf, an Arab-Israeli Greek-Orthodox priest who was accused of committing indecent sexual acts against three different victims. The case was closed due to lack of evidence.

Naddaf had also been accused with obstruction of justice, following alleged attempts to get one of his accusers to recant their accusation.

Father Naddaf is well known for his work to recruit Israeli-Arab Christians to the IDF and in 2016 he was honored by being named a torch lighter at the main Independence Day ceremony.

However, a Channel 2 News investigative report that also claimed he had sought to gain entry permits into Israel for Palestinian Authority Arabs in exchange for sexual favors, led to the opening of a police investigation against him.

Naddaf said at the time that he had been the victim of a conspiracy. “Criminal elements in the community, along with those who have been driven crazy by the success of my life’s work, are trying to prevent me from getting recognition for my contribution in recruiting Christian Arabs to the IDF. These elements committed an elaborate crime against me … and succeeded in creating a false representation of me and made it look authentic.”

Following the closing of the case, Naddaf said: “I’ve said from the beginning that this is a conspiracy. Too many factors from home and from outside have conspired against me. I believed in the legal system, that it would reach the truth, and I am happy that truth was victorious over lies. Unfortunately, this conspiracy is still out to get me and my family, and it won’t cease its slander against me. Nothing will harm my great love for the Holy Land.”