Karen King writes to Pokrov

Author: Karen King
Date Published: 01/26/2002
Publication: Pokrov

This letter was submitted to Pokrov.org after a letter that we sent to The Armenian Reporter.

Dear Greta:

Thank you for your letter to The Armenian Reporter International (TAR) that was printed in the December 14, 2002 issue.

It was an important voice of support and understanding for Orthodox men and women who have suffered abuse by Orthodox clergy.

Victims of clergy abuse may feel abused again by the comments made by contributors to the articles in TAR. Victims of Armenian clergymen especially may decide to forego help for fear of being attacked in public, print, and private gossip. Please remind people that these articles are only small voices in the dark, and do not represent all Armenian voices. There is more to the Armenian Church and community than was published in TAR.

Again, thank you for an informative letter. It is the support of groups like Pokrov that help victims become survivors. And to Armenians, survivor is a sacred word.

Karen King

Fitchburg, MA
January 26, 2002