Author: Staff
Date Published: 03/10/2007
Publication: The National Herald

One of the most critical issues in this case is, when exactly did the Archdiocese learn about Father Katinas’ alleged activities, and what exactly did it know about the accusations? Why was Father Katinas’ punishment relatively mild with respect to the alleged crime, which the Archdiocese itself admits was committed?

There are still no hard answers to these questions.

There is nonetheless plenty of indication that at least some people at the Archdiocese – notably Michael Jaharis – understand the gravity of the situation, and are trying to do something about it, in contrast to Archbishop Demetrios, who seems to think of things rather differently.

Could this difference in approach be attributed to their different backgrounds – one being a man of the cloth almost all his life, while the other is a layman – or to other reasons?

Mr. Jaharis is absolutely right to favor transparency, whereas His Eminence appears to have evaded dealing with Katinasgate as expeditiously or as severely as he should, doing all he could, instead, to conceal it from the community and the public.

Whatever the case may be, we are frankly disturbed by the way the Archbishop has handled this explosive matter.