Kondratick pleads guilty

Author: Pokrov.org
Date Published: 10/21/2013
Publication: Pokrov.org

As reported in the Herald-Tribune, former priest and former Orthodox Church in America chancellor Robert S. Kondratick pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony charge of larceny on Wednesday, October 16th. The paper said that the former priest agreed to serve two years of community control and eight years of probation, as well as to pay restitution to Holy Spirit Orthodox Church.

A source close to the investigation in Florida provided additional details. According to this source, the prosecutor contacted the parish council prior to October 16th, and the church representatives signed off on the plea bargain. The council was told that Kondratick would agree:

1. To 8 years probation;
2. To wear an ankle bracelet for 2 years;
3. To repay  the parish  $25,000 cash up front and the balance of $50,000 or $68,000 (actual) in monthly installments;
4. That there would be no trial, and
5. That Kondratick would not sue the parish council or any of its members in retaliation.