Letter From Fr. Demetrios-Earl Cantos, Chancellor, to Members of the Metropolis Council

Author: Fr. Demetrios-Earl Cantos
Date Published: 08/31/2007
Publication: Pokrov

[On Letterhead]

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco

+Agathonikos and his companions

To: Esteemed Members of the Metropolis Council
From: V. Rev. Demetrios-Earl Cantos, Chancellor

On behalf of His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco, it is my duty

announce that effective August 20, 2007, Fr. Michael Pappas, the pastor of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco, was suspended from active ministry within the Greek Orthodox Church and released from all priestly and pastoral duties. Metropolitan Gerasimos appointed Fr. James Adams (retired) as the interim priest of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Gerasimos will convene a Spiritual Court in the near future regarding this matter.

His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos stated, ”We grieve and feel deeply saddened for the pain and turmoil caused by one of our own brother priests, to his wife, children, family members and all the beloved members of the Holy Trinity parish. I urge all the faithful to pray for the forgiveness, mercy and love of God to come upon all affected by this situation, including Fr. Pappas and his family.”

May He who heals all wounds of our soul, be merciful, and grant the healing of these wounds mat we are now all experiencing.

Yours in Christ,
+Fr. Demetrios-Earl Cantos