Letter From Fr. Herman Podmoshensky

Author: Staff
Date Published: 07/18/2011
Publication: Pokrov.org

This letter from Fr. Herman Podmoshensky to Samuel David Allen was found in Allen’s probation file. A copy of the scanned letter is linked above. However, since the handwriting in the letter is difficult to read, Pokrov.org’s readers may find a typed transcript of that letter, which is pasted below, helpful.

February 27, 1990


My dear Sam! God Bless you!

I have just returned from Alaska and plan to go there again. While I’m gone I don’t think it is a good idea to be here with me absent therefore I think you should wait coming to us now. Of course I’d love to be of any spiritual help to you –you are always welcome to come and pray with us. But be informed that I am a very tough spiritual father. I don’t tolerate a lot of things and give real trouble to my sons, for otherwise I’m really of no value to them, I think! Please pray for me.

Everybody here is fine and all greet you likewise, asking to forgive them, and me, because of the beginning of lenten season, which begins with Forgiveness Sunday. Yes. I agree wholeheartedly with Br. David Finkelstein about the monastic way, that’s the only way for people like us.

Pray for us! Your loving R. Herman
& Brothers

Abbot Herman*
St. Herman of Alaska Monastery*

PS Fr. Theophistus and Fr. Raphael will write to you soon. God luck & God speed on your college mission. Pray for our mission in Russia — we plan even to go there.

May St. Seraphim bless you — this is icon of his, or rather his portrait.

*These two lines appear to have been added later, perhaps in anticipation of the letter’s inclusion in the probation file.