Letter regarding Emmanuel Koveos

Author: Catherine and Evan Metropoulos
Date Published: 12/01/1999
Publication: Pokrov

Pokrov Note: Emmanuel Koveos never served as a chanter for the Transfiguration Church in Lowell. He was chanting for a separate parish that was using Transfiguration’s facilities.

To: Whom it may concern

In 1997, (Rev.) Emmanuel Koveos sexually molested our young daughter at our parish in Burlington, Vermont. Immediately following his arrest, the Diocese of Boston suspended him from all priestly duties.

In February of 1998, he was convicted by jury trial of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct with a Child (Docket #398-1-97). Later that same year, the Vermont State Supreme Court affirmed his conviction. Koveos currently resides in Massachusetts and remains on probation since completing his court ordered jail sentence.We were shocked to learn that Emmanuel Koveos is now serving as a chanter at the Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Lowell.

How can our Spiritual Leaders, with a clear conscience, allow this convicted child molester back into another community where there are so many unsuspecting parishioners? This is outrageous! Who is protecting our children and women while this predator masquerades behind the sanctuary of his collar and quietly moves from one community to another?!

We feel it is now our moral obligation to warn the people in Massachusetts, especially in the Lowell community, about this dangerous man, (Rev.) Emmanuel Koveos. Shame on our Spiritual Leaders for not making our children’s safety their first priority! Clergy sexual misconduct is a very serious matter that can no longer be squelched or ignored within the Greek Orthodox Church! Why has the Patriarchate not defrocked this man?!

We are a very strong and dedicated Greek Orthodox family. We loved our Church. Koveos was our friend and we trusted him as our priest. We cannot even begin to describe the anguish and torment Emmanuel Koveos, the Church, the Ladies Philoptochos Society, the Diocese, the Archdiocese, and the Patriarchate have inflicted upon our daughter and our family these past three years. We never imagined that anything this horrible could ever happen to our family. It did. We pray that our letter today will save another young girl from having to walk in our daughter’s shoes.

Catherine & Evan Metropoulos
Charlotte, Vermont