Letter to Archbishop Ingram re: Father Michael Lyles

Author: Cappy Larson, Greta Larson and Melanie Sakoda
Date Published: 09/23/2004
Publication: Pokrov.org

To: The Most Rev. Charles Ingram
Presiding Archbishop
National Chancery
P.O. Box 1834
Glendora, CA 91740

Your Eminence:

It has come to our attention that Fr. Michael Lyles, who serves as a priest under your omiphorion, is a convicted sexual offender. According to court documents and newspaper articles concerning this case, Fr. Michael Lyles is a predator who victimizes those he is entrusted to care for. His victim was a defenseless disabled woman who lived in the residential home where Fr. Michael was employed as a supervisor.

After some research, we discovered that Fr. Michael had been removed from the priesthood after his conviction in 1992. But according to a more recent newsletter, Carpenters Workshop, March 2003, you refer to him as Father. If you have information contrary to this, we would appreciate any documentation to update our website, www.pokrov.org

Your grace, to put a convicted sexual offender in a position of trust over innocent people is incredibly irresponsible. As a Bishop it is your job to look out for the welfare of those souls under your care. If you continue to allow this man to remain a priest, you are responsible for any harm done to the innocent people in your flock.

We do have copies of court documents and newspaper articles on this case. We also have a copy of the newsletter in which you refer to Father Michael Lyles.

We look forward to your response in this matter.

Cappy Larson, Greta Larson and Melanie Sakoda